How To Cook Beef Joints In An Air Fryer?

Are you looking to learn how to cook beef joints in an air fryer? You’re in the right place! Cooking a beef joint in an air fryer is simple and yields succulent tender results.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to get your beef joint cooked to perfection and ready for the dinner table.

Let’s get started!

Ingredients Needed To Make Beef Joints In The Air Fryer

How To Cook Beef Joints In An Air Fryer

Before you start cooking the beef joints, here are some ingredients you can prepare to ensure a smooth and efficient cook.

  • Beef Joint
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Ground black pepper (to taste)
  • Olive oil or butter
  • Garlic cloves, minced (optional)
  • Onion powder, garlic powder, or other herbs and spices of choice (optional).

Selecting The Right Beef Joint For Cooking In The Air Fryer

A chuck roast is the best beef joint for cooking in an air fryer. Chuck roasts are well-marbled, meaning they have plenty of fat to render down during the cooking process and give the meat great flavor. 

The marbling also keeps it moist and tender when cooked properly. Additionally, this cut comes from the shoulder area. It has enough connective tissue to withstand long cook times without drying out or becoming tough. 

Explaining in more depth why chuck roast is the best beef joint for air frying requires understanding how heat works on different types of cuts of meat. 

Chuck roast can withstand long cook times due to its high amount of collagen and connective tissues, which break down into a rich, gelatinous sauce as they cook.

They give your amazing dish flavor while keeping it juicy and tender simultaneously! 

As a bonus, these cuts are less expensive than other prime cuts like ribeye or filet mignon, making them ideal for budget-conscious cooks who want restaurant-quality results without breaking the bank!

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How To Prepare The Beef Joint Before Cooking In The Air Fryer?

Season the beef joint before cooking in an air fryer with salt and ground black pepper to taste. Rub a thin layer of olive oil or butter over the surface of the meat. 

Add minced garlic cloves or other herbs and spices, such as onion powder, garlic powder, etc., for additional flavor. Place the seasoned beef joint into the air fryer basket.

How To Cook Beef Joints In An Air Fryer?

Cook Beef Joint

Here is the step-by-step how to make Beef Joint in the air fryer:

  • Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.
  • Put the beef joint into the preheated air fryer and cook it for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, flipping it halfway through cooking time.
  • After 10 minutes of cooking, check the doneness of your beef joint with a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part.
  • If it reads 140°F or higher, it is cooked to medium-rare perfection and can be removed from the air fryer.
  • If not done yet, continue to cook in 2-minute increments until desired temperatures are reached (145°F for medium).
  • Once fully cooked and removed from heat, let your beef rest covered with foil on a cutting board before slicing off thin pieces against its grain for serving.

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What You Need For Air Fryer Beef Joint

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COSORI Air Fryer (Check Price On Amazon)

The COSORI Air Fryer is the perfect appliance to cook this delicious recipe! It boasts a 5-quart capacity, features manual control, and nine one-touch cooking functions displayed on a tempered glass panel. 

Its 360° rapid heat circulation technology can evenly distribute hot air for faster, more efficient cooking. 

Plus, all removable components are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. This air fryer takes the hassle out of meal preparation with its programmable settings and one-touch display. 

You’ll have an amazing beef joint ready in no time!

What To Serve With Beef Joint?

There are many ways to serve your Beef Joint. There is no right or wrong. Everyone has different tastes. The suggestion below is what I recommend.

  • Roasted Potatoes: Serve alongside the schnitzel for a heartier meal.
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes: A creamy mashed potato side dish perfectly accompanies beef schnitzel.
  • Steamed Vegetables: Add some color to your plate with steamed vegetables like carrots, broccoli, or green beans on the side of your schnitzel.
  • German Potato Salad: Enjoy this classic German side dish that pairs perfectly with beef schnitzel and adds zing to your plate!
  • Sauerkraut: The tartness of sauerkraut complements and enhances the flavor of traditional beef Schnitzels just right!
  • Green Salad With Vinaigrette Dressing: Lighten your plate with an easy-to-make green salad topped with vinaigrette dressing for light contrast against hearty meat dishes like Schnitzel!

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How To Store And Preheat The Leftover Beef Joint With The Air Fryer Method

If you have leftover beef joints, do not thrash them away. You can still store and reheat them again in the air fryer for your next mealtime. Here are the simple tips you can follow:

Storage Tips For the Leftover Beef Joint

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Food Storage Containers (See on Amazon)

One of the best ways to store a leftover beef joint is to wrap it in aluminum foil or cling film and place it in the refrigerator. 

This will help keep it fresh for up to three days, depending on how long you cooked it initially. If there are any leftovers after that time, then freezing them is your next step. 

Wrap them tightly before putting them into freezer bags, and they should last a few months stored like this.

How To Reheat The Leftover Beef Joint In The Air Fryer?

Reheating a leftover beef joint in an air fryer is a great way to recreate that freshly-roasted flavor and texture.

  • All you need to do is preheat the air fryer for about three minutes.
  • Then place the beef joint inside it.
  • Set the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cook for 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway through.
  • When done, your roast will be tender and juicy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients Are Necessary To Cook A Beef Joint In An Air Fryer?

To cook a beef joint in an air fryer, you will need the beef joint, oil or butter for basting, salt, pepper to taste, and any other seasonings you choose.

How Long Should A Beef Joint Be Cooked In An Air Fryer?

A beef joint should be cooked for about 20 minutes in an air fryer.

When Cooking A Beef Joint, What Temperature Should The Air Fryer Be Set?

The temperature for air frying a beef joint should be set to 400°F (204°C).

What Type Of Seasonings Or Flavoring Can Be Used When Cooking A Beef Joint In An Air Fryer?

Common seasonings and flavorings used when cooking a beef joint in an air fryer include garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cumin, oregano, thyme, rosemary, black pepper, and salt.

What Can Dishes Accompany The Cooked Beef Joint From An Air Fryer?

Some dishes accompanying a cooked beef joint from an air fryer include roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and onions, grilled corn on the cob, and garlic bread.


Cooking a beef joint in an air fryer will become one of your go-to recipes when you want something special. 

With the right ingredients, preparation, and time, you can master this delicious dish that will have everyone asking for seconds. 

So get cooking and enjoy the flavors!

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