How To Steam Artichokes In Ninja Foodi

There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of a perfectly cooked artichoke. But if you’ve ever tried to make them, you know how involved the process can be.

Fortunately, there is an easier way—the Ninja Foodi!

This handy kitchen appliance is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, and more rolled into one.

Today we’ll show you how easy it is to steam artichokes in your Ninja Foodi.

Let’s get started!

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How To Steam Artichokes In Ninja Foodi

Step 1: Prepping the Artichoke 

Before you start steaming, it’s important to prep your artichoke. Start by washing it off with cold water and gently rubbing off any dirt or residue with a paper towel.

Next, using a sharp knife, cut off the stem of the artichoke so that it can easily sit upright in your Ninja Foodi basket. Ensure not to cut too much of the stem off, as you still need something to rest on while it cooks.

Finally, trim the tips of each leaf and use a vegetable peeler to peel away any tough outer leaves that are thicker than an average leaf. 

Step 2: Setting Up Your Ninja Foodi 

Once you have prepped your artichoke, it’s time to set up your Ninja Foodi. Place the pressure cooking lid on top of the pot and turn it clockwise until it locks into place.

Select “Steam” on your Ninja Foodi and set the timer for 20 minutes or until desired tenderness is reached (you can also select Pressure Cook if desired).

Place 1 cup of water in the bottom of the pot and insert the metal basket containing your prepped artichoke into the pot.

Close and lock the pressure cooking lid and set the valve to the “Sealing” position. Select the “Start/Stop” button to begin the cooking process and wait until cooking before opening the lid.

Step 3: Enjoying Your Artichoke! 

Once finished steaming, remove the artichoke from Ninja Foodi using tongs or oven mitts (it will be hot!) and place it onto a plate or serving dish. Serve with melted butter or mayonnaise dip if desired, then enjoy! 


Here are frequently asked questions about cooking artichokes In Ninja Foodi.

Do I Need To Add Oil When Steaming Artichokes?

No, you do not need to add oil, as the Ninja Foodi does not require it for steaming.

How Long Should I Steam My Artichokes?

We recommend steaming your artichokes for 20 minutes or until desired tenderness is reached.

What Can I Serve My Artichoke With?

Serve your steamed artichoke with melted butter, mayonnaise dip, aioli sauce, or any other condiment of your choice.

Is It Better To Steam Or Boil Artichokes?

It depends on your desired outcome. Boiling artichokes will yield a softer, more delicate texture while steaming yields a firmer, crunchier texture.


Who knew steaming perfect artichokes could be so easy? With your trusty Ninja Foodi, you can have flavorful artichokes on the table in no time flat!

Now that you know how to use this versatile kitchen tool to steam artichokes quickly and effortlessly, why not try making other delicious recipes too?

With its combination of slow-cooking convenience and pressure-cooking power, there’s nothing that your Ninja Foodi can’t do!

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