Rosewill Electric Food Steamer Review

Steaming food is undoubtedly among the healthiest ways to cook. Having a dedicated steamer that can do the job beats trying to makeshift your own every time you want more nutrient-packed vegetables with your meal.

However, where do you start if you’re in the market for a food steamer? There are a lot of choices!

For that reason, we decided to take a closer look at the Rosewill Electric Food Steamer to see what kind of features it packs in and if it fits the bill for what you’re looking for.

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Rosewill Electric Food Steamer

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Established in 2004, the Rosewill Company strives to provide reliable and high-quality electronic products, including various home products for your kitchen and living spaces.

Their products are available on all top e-commerce websites, providing concise product information and consistently receiving good reviews.

This Rosewill Electric Food Steamer is one of their top-rated products at a reasonable price.

Who Is This Product For?

The Rosewill Electric Food Steamer has a large capacity, so it would be perfect for a family kitchen or make a great addition to an individual or a couple who likes to entertain guests from time to time.

This steamer is ideal for people looking to lead healthier lifestyles and enjoy the convenience of an electric appliance with timer functions and dishwasher-safe washing options.

What’s Included?

Upon purchase, your package will arrive containing seven items, including the steamer’s electric base, a drip tray, three stackable food baskets, a rice cooking bowl, and a lid.

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Overview of Features

The first thing you really have to note about the Rosewill Electric Food Steamer is that it has a fantastic maximum capacity of 9.5 quarts, meaning you can easily cook a whole meal in one go.

If you just want to steam some vegetables, you can use one of the baskets, or if you have more hungry mouths to feed, you can use all three.

It packs 800 watts of power, meaning it will start generating steam in just 40 seconds to get your dinner cooking incredibly quickly. The steamer has a water level indicator, so you always know how much water you have left.

Also, the reservoir can be filled back up easily via special water inlet funnels on both sides to accommodate left- and right-handed users.

The food baskets are made from BPA-free transparent plastic, so they are light and safe to use, and you can see your food cooking. The Rosewill Electric Food Steamer also has a timer set for up to 60 minutes.

Additionally, an automatic shut-off feature will kick in either after the time has gone off or when the reservoir has run out of water.

We love that the food baskets, rice bowl, and drip tray are all dishwasher-safe, so after preparing and eating dinner, you can leave the dishwasher to do the rest of the chores.

The steamer also comes with handy cooking guidelines for various food items on its front. If you’re throwing something new in the steamer that you haven’t tried before, having this quick reference guide on hand will always help.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The best way you can get the most out of the Rosewill Electric Food Steamer is to use it daily! All types of food can be cooked in it, including vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, rice, and cakes.

Take advantage of the 60-minute timer function to put your food on to cook, set the timer, and walk away.


Digital Electric Food Steamer from Secura

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If you’d like a delay timer option on your food steamer, then you should consider this Digital Electric Food Steamer from Secura.

This two-tier stainless steel steamer has a capacity of 8.5 quarts, and with its digital display, you can delay the start of your cooking time between one and ten hours for your convenience.

It starts producing steam in an impressive 15 seconds with its powerful 1200-watt motor and is easy to clean as it is also completely dishwasher safe.

Having stainless steel compartments, though, means that you can’t see your food cooking unless you remove the lid, which is a shame. It is also more expensive than the Rosewill Electric Steamer.


Although the Secura Food Steamer is more powerful and features a delay timer, we think the Rosewill Electric Food Steamer offers better value for money and is a better steamer as a whole.

The larger capacity means you can get more food cooked at once. Its three compartments help separate the different food items to accommodate three different cooking times for different ingredients.

The Rosewill also comes with a free one-liter rice bowl so that you can cook rice in the steamer at nearly half the price.