Why Won’t My Air Fryer Turn On? [Solutions]

You were all set to make your first batch of air fryer chicken fries, but when you went to turn it on, nothing happened.

You tried pressing all the buttons, flipping the switch on and off, and even unplugging it back in, but still no luck.

Yesterday you air-fried your french fries, and all went fine. And now, you are wondering, why won’t my air fryer turn on?

It seemed like every other appliance in my kitchen worked just fine, except for this one. 

There could be a few reasons why your air fryer isn’t working.

Before you throw it off and figure out to order a new one online, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the most common reasons why an air fryer might not turn on, as well as some related issues like:

  • Why would my air fryer stop work?
  • Why does my air fryer keep shutting off?
  • Why does my air fryer touchscreen is not working?

Let’s get into it!

6 Possible Solutions: Why Won’t My Air Fryer Turn On?

Here are some potential solutions to try if your air fryer isn’t working:

Is Your Air Fryer Plugged Into The Socket?

Before doing anything, ensure your air fryer is plugged into an electrical outlet.

It may sound like an obvious solution, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of cooking, we can forget to plug in our appliances.

It won’t turn on if your air fryer isn’t plugged in. So, check the cord and make sure it’s plugged into a working outlet.

Also, look at the cord and ensure there are no frayed or damaged wires. If there are, you’ll need to get a new cord before proceeding.

Make Sure The Power Source Is Working

Power outlet must has electricity

If your air fryer is plugged in but still not turning on, the next thing you’ll want to do is check the power source.

Flip the switch on the power strip (if you’re using one) to ensure it’s turned on.

If it is, plug something else, like your blender, into the outlet to see if it’s getting power.

You’ll need to reset the circuit breaker if the outlet is not receiving power.

To do this, find your home’s fuse box and locate the breaker that controls the power to your kitchen.

Once you’ve found it, flip the switch to the “off” position and back to the “on” position.

If your air fryer still doesn’t turn on after resetting the breaker, you’ll need to call an electrician.

The Cable of the Air Fryer Is Damaged 

The cable wire of an air fryer is a key component in this cooking device. As the cable is constantly being used and moved around, it is subject to wear and tear.

This can happen due to twisting, bending, squashing, or stretching the cable wire.

Carefully inspect the air fryer cord for any visible damage. If there are any frayed or broken wires, this could be why your air fryer isn’t working.

If the cord is damaged, you’ll need to replace it before using the air fryer again.

If you’re unsure how to do it, call a certified electrician for help.

The Fuse Of The Power Cord Has Blown

Every kitchen appliance that consumes a lot of power, such as an air fryer, has a fuse in the power cord.

The purpose of this fuse is to break the circuit if a fault in an appliance causes too much current to flow, which could potentially damage your air fryer.

The fuse is located on the power cord of the air fryer and looks like a small, cylindrical piece of metal. It is usually rated 15 Ampere.

However, you must double-check if your air fryer has a different fuse rating.

If the fuse has blown, it will need to be replaced.

The Thermal Fuse Has Blown

Thermal Fuse of Air Fryer

The thermal fuse is a safety component located inside the air fryer.

Its purpose is to cut off the power supply to the heating element if the temperature inside the air fryer gets too high.

This prevents the air fryer from overheating and catching fire.

If the thermal fuse is bad, you can test its continuity with a multimeter. If the thermal fuse has blown, your multimeter won’t beep.

If you decide to replace the thermal fuse, you need to know a few things.

  • The hardest part is finding the right fuse. They are probably available in your local hardware stores.
  • A thermal fuse has printing on it indicating its temperature rating in centigrade. Make sure you get the same rating or at least close to it.

Replacing the thermal fuse is very technical as it involves soldering skills.

If you don’t know how to do it, it would be best to send it in for repair by someone qualified to handle it.

The Air Fryer Is Damaged

If you’ve tried all of the above and your air fryer still won’t turn on, there may be something wrong with the appliance itself.

It’s possible that the heating element or thermostat has gone bad and will need to be replaced.

At this point, you should contact the manufacturer and seek advice.

You could send it back for a new one if it is still under warranty.

If it’s out of warranty, you’ll need to decide if it’s worth repairing or if you should just buy a new air fryer.

Why Would My Air Fryer Stop Working Or Keep Shutting Off?

If your air fryer can turn on but stop working, there are several reasons why this could be happening.

Some of the most common reasons include the following:

The Air Fryer Is Overheating

If your air fryer is overheating, it will automatically turn off to prevent damage.

This usually happens when there is a buildup of food debris and grease on the heating element.

Most models have this safety protection circuit that will stop the air fryer from working when it senses abnormal high current flow.

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The fuse has blown

This is closely related to overheating issue. When the air fryer overheats, the fuse located in the power cord will blow because of overcurrent.

Replacing the fuse will solve it.

The Air Fryer Door Is Not Properly Closed

The Air Fryer Door Is Not Properly Closed

When you close the door after placing the basket, an interlock switch activates the air fryer system for ready-to-work.

The interlock will deactivate and stop the air fryer whenever you take out the basket.

Sometimes the air fryer door is improperly closed, which may cause the interlock not to work, and the air fryer will not start.

So, make sure you close the door properly when in use.

The Air Fryer Cable Might Be Loosen

If the air fryer cable is loosened, it won’t be able to transmit power to the air fryer. This is why your air fryer might not be working.

You’ll need to reattach the cable to the air fryer to fix this. Make sure that it’s tightly secured before using it again.

The power outlet doesn’t have any power all of a sudden

Sometimes it is not your air fryer’s fault. If your air fryer suddenly stops working, you should check if there is any power from the outlet.

When there is no power, you won’t be able to turn on the air fryer.

The quickest way to isolate the problem is by plugging your air fryer into a different power outlet at your home.

You may check the circuit breaker if you still can’t turn on the air fryer. If it’s been turned off, turn it back on and try using your air fryer again.

The Timer Is Turned Off

Every air fryer has a timer that needs to be turned on for the appliance to work. If the timer is off, the air fryer will not start.

Make sure that the timer is properly set before using the air fryer.

The Basket Is Not Placed Properly 

If the basket is not placed properly, the interlock switch will not be able to activate, and the air fryer will not start.

Make sure that the basket is inserted correctly before using it.

Why does my air fryer touchscreen is not working?

The touchscreen LCD of the air fryer is very sensitive. When you press it, and nothing happens, it doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Assuming you already remove the plastic button cover since you bought it, try light taps on any setting or button.

You don’t have to press it hard. Sometimes it will work.

However, if that’s not the case, the touch screen is likely malfunctioning.

You should contact customer service for the replacement.


When your air fryer doesn’t turn on, that doesn’t mean you should give up the air fryer and buy a new one.

Try simple things first, like the check the power cord fuse for any blown or checking the power outlet.

If it is still under warranty, try contacting the manufacturer for a replacement.

I have shared many ways to solve your air fryer problems.

Hopefully, this article will be very helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!